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Our Nail Services

Step Into Luxury With Our Pedicure Services

Immerse yourself in the ultimate pedicure experience at Tampa Nails, where your foot care is elevated to a luxurious escape. Our pedicures go beyond basic grooming; they are a ritual of relaxation and rejuvenation tailored to your individual needs. From soothing soaks to meticulous nail care, each step is designed to pamper your feet while enhancing their beauty. Utilizing only the finest products and state-of-the-art techniques, our expert technicians ensure that each pedicure delivers not only stunning visual results but also lasting wellness benefits.

The best Pedicures in tampa Bay 

Discover Our Pedicure Options

At Tampa Nails, we understand that everyone’s feet are different, and so are their needs. That’s why we offer a range of pedicure services to suit any preference and occasion:

  • Classic Pedicure: Focuses on essential foot care, including nail trimming, shaping, buffing, and polishing, topped off with a relaxing foot massage.
  • Gel Pedicure: For those looking for durability and gloss, our gel pedicures provide a long-lasting finish that resists chipping and maintains a high shine.
  • Spa Pedicure: This comprehensive treatment is the epitome of indulgence, featuring an aromatic foot soak, exfoliation, moisturizing mask, and extended massage — perfect for those who need a little extra pampering.
  • Specialty Pedicures: Catering to specific concerns, these include options like the athletic pedicure for active lifestyles, diabetic pedicure for gentle care, or the eco-friendly pedicure using all-natural and organic products.

Whatever your needs, Tampa Nails is here to provide a pedicure experience that’s just right for you. Book your next appointment and let us take your feet on a journey to comfort and beauty like never before.

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Volcano Pedicure


Indulge in a 25-minute massage with 6 hot stones and a detoxifying bubble soak. This luxurious treatment includes a sugar scrub, collagen mask, and lotion, enriched with organic ingredients, plus a Paraffin Wax treat, leaving your feet rejuvenated.

Includes 6 Hot Stones Massage and a Paraffin Wax ($35 Value)

Signature Pedicure


Treat your feet to a 20-minute massage with 6 hot stones and your choice of Real Fruit treatments. This pampering session promises refreshed and beautifully cared-for feet, including a $35 value of Fruit and Hot Stones Massage.

Choose your Fruit: Cucumber | Orange | Aloe Vera

Organic Pedicure


Refresh tired feet with a 16-minute massage using 4 hot stones, organic spa products for a soothing lotion massage, and oil treatment. Perfect for relaxing and restoring your feet’s natural beauty.

Spa Pedicure


Enjoy a comprehensive foot rejuvenation with a salt soak, sugar scrub, moisture mask, and cream massage, plus toe polishing. This 10-minute massage pedicure revitalizes your feet, leaving them looking and feeling great.

Callus Pedicure


Specifically for dry, cracked feet, this pedicure combines callus treatment with an extended massage and warm towels, finishing with polished toenails. Experience improved foot health and comfort in just 8 minutes.

Regular pedicure


Ideal for busy schedules, this quick treatment includes a foot soak, nail care, and soothing massage, finishing with toenail polish. It’s the perfect quick fix for well-maintained and stylish feet.

Gel Polish ADD-ON




With salons in South Tampa, Seminole Heights, and West Shore, your next beauty oasis is just around the corner. Each Tampa Nails location offers the same high-quality service and welcoming atmosphere you’ve come to love. Select your nearest salon and let us transport you to a world of elegance and care, right in your neighborhood.


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